Friday, May 2, 2008

Mount Vesuvius Today

Now, Mount Vesuvius is a national park. It was officially declared a park on June 5th, 1995, to protect it because it is the only active volcano on the mainland of Europe. The summit is open to visitors, and there are some paths around the mountain. You can drive partway up the volcano, but after a certain point you can only walk. As well as the national park, there is an outdoor museum of the ruins of Pompeii. Scroll down and you can see a picture of a part of the outdoor museum. Over 2,000,000 people still live in the shadows of Vesuvius, in Italy. They are at risk and in danger, for scientists believe the next eruption of Vesuvius is around the corner. Scientists guess the one reason they still live there is becauseof the rich, fertile, soil that Vesuvius provides.

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Donovan Monroe said...

I know this volcano is going to erupt